Our Commercial Business Practice is second to none in the region.

Bin Hindi Law Firm has an exceptionally good team of lawyers who are specialized in Commercial Business Legal Practice that incorporates services like commercial contracts, compliance with the different business laws, joint ventures, commercial agencies, franchises, and distribution agreements. Our law firm, being the principal law firm in terms of Commercial Business practice in the region, has extensive knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory environment of the Middle East.


Our Role

Our firm has an exceptional quality to deliver all legal products to
international standards. This mainstay has helped us provide our clients with
the assertion of practical and competent outcomes that can be deemed viable in
all the countries in the Middle East. Our unmatched reach across the whole of
the Middle East has allowed us to dispense advice and agreements across the
Middle East in a coordinated fashion. We also conduct cross-border arrangements
for Joint Ventures, Franchising, and Distribution that encompass the nine major
markets of the Middle East.

Our Commercial Business Practice is second to none in the region.

Our Expertise

Commercial Contracts and Compliance

Our team of expert lawyers will provide advice and assemble a catalogue of commercial agreements that are required in both the strategic and operational domains.

Our presence in the Middle East region for a couple of decades has helped us understand the business risks and the legal issues that can crop up in businesses in the region. We offer services that include the review of standard form agreements, negotiation, and draft complicated commercial contracts.

We also offer advice on a wide range of issues, both legal and regulatory, that can impact businesses in the Middle East. We also comprehend the aspects of the Middle East Legal Framework, both the practical as well as the theoretical aspects.

Commercial Agencies

Our advice on all types of commercial agency arrangements, which include Distribution agreements, Franchise Agreements and varied types of representative agreements, would prove valuable to our clients. We will be handling all the important legal and regulatory issues affecting commercial agencies and also the implications of the relevant local laws on these arrangements on a regular basis.

We do maintain good and strong relationships with all the regional regulatory authorities that overlook the registration of these commercial agencies. Our healthy relationships with these authorities allow us to stay up-to-date of the latest developments and practices, which in turn helps us provide clear and practical advice to our clients that encompass both pragmatic as well as legal issues.

Joint Ventures

Bin Hindi has been known to provide nonpareil advice on joint ventures to both local and international companies in the Middle East region. Our expertise in the licensing and regulatory environment in the Middle East includes the rules of foreign shareholding too. Our team of highly experienced lawyers will also identify and handle all the plausible issues that can crop up.