The strategic location of Saudi Arabia between the West and the East makes it a major hub of trade and commerce. This brings to the fore the importance of the legalities involved in dealing with corporate commercial activities. Saudi Arabia’s booming economy is making it grow prominently as an international trading hub, making it lucrative for major international corporates. This follows up with a demand for a highly qualified law firm who can provide quality legal services for these international corporate players.

This is where Bin Hindi Law Firm comes through with its highly experienced corporate lawyers who have in-depth knowledge and understanding of Saudi Arabia’s Legal and Regulatory environment. We combine this with our capability and commitment for the provision of world-class legal services in the four main areas:

  • Consultancy
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Legal Notices
  • Incorporation of Corporate Entities


Ensure Your Business Interests are Safeguarded!

Our Role

Bin Hindi Law Firm will ensure that our clients are provided with quality and practical legal advice keeping in mind the broader interests of our clients. Our services include,

Legal Consultancy

We, acting as our client’s representatives, will conduct negotiations within the framework of commercial or corporate transactions that include verification of all documents related to the dealings between the known parties and any other ancillary matters. These representations can be done on behalf of any party including,

  • Developers
  • Purchasers
  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Project Managers

Some of the other consultancy services we provide include the provision of our professional skills to perform negotiations between the parties and with developers, purchasers, consultants, contractors, project managers, and end users. This can be for the purchase of land or any other premises and this would also include the verification of the authenticity of all the documents related to the dealings of the parties and other ancillary matters. 

Legal Notices

We also can issue legal notices to initiate litigation, on our client’s behalf, to attempt at resolving any legal disputes amicably. We can also issue these notices with the attestation of a public notary if our clients desire it to be.

Contract Drafting and Review

Bin Hindi’s corporate services also include the negotiation, drafting, review, interpretation, and implementation of diverse categories of agreements like distributorship, franchise, construction, and joint ventures. Our team of corporate lawyers has a combined experience spanning decades in all aspects of complex, large transactions, and agreements that will ensure all the corporate services are taken care of efficiently.

Incorporation of Legal Entities

We at Bin Hindi Law firm with our expertise and knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s legal and regulatory domain will ensure that our clients are provided with more than satisfactory outcomes when we explain and advise them of the intricacies of setting up business under Saudi Arabia’s various jurisdictions, including the numerous Free Zone Areas, and any other related issues.

Moreover, our firm and our lawyers make sure that we are updated with the latest developments in corporate law cases apropos of companies. We also will make sure to apply diligence in keeping our clients aware and make them understand the effect of the implementation of these laws and their amendments with respect to their business. We will make sure our advice is practical and up-to-date.