Bin Hindi Law Firm has been involving itself in many environment-related cases in the Middle East region. We have immersed ourselves in setting some precedents in environmental matters, in turn, helping to draft an efficient and practical environmental law in the Middle East region.

Our Role

We have brought together a team of lawyers who have extensive knowledge of the different laws pertaining to the Environment, Health, and Safety in the Middle East as well as in different countries around the world.


Our lawyers will help our clients in the evaluation of the regulatory, liability, and workplace safety and health issues that might affect the business transactions. They would also help them in complying with the regulations that would include those that govern climate change and emissions.

Bin Hindi and our team of environmental, health, and safety lawyers will provide our clients with assistance to handle environmental litigations that are usually complex and expensive. We will also be pursuing alternate paths to dispute resolution and also structure the settlements creatively.

Bin Hindi is proficient with our ability to merge multiple disciplines of law seamlessly and bring about a unique perspective to represent our clients. This makes us stand out from our peer crowd of law firms that handle Environmental, Health, and Safety cases. 

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Our Expertise

Bin Hindi with its team of Environmental, Health, and Safety lawyers offer the following services:

  • Handle enforcement, compliance, and permission for air, water, and hazardous waste.
  • Provide advice regarding matters of environmental compliance of corporate transactions.
  • Capable to perform legal activities like rulemaking, legislation, and regulatory matters.
  • Adept at conducting civil and criminal enforcement proceedings.
  • Superfund actions
  • Private Cost-recovery actions
  • Toxic Tort claims
  • Site and permit hearings
  • Provide counsel with issues like climate change and sustainability.
  • Review the compliance programs of our clients by providing assistance in supporting and implementing the design and development of these reviews.