Financial Institution and Litigation

The legal practice at Bin Hindi Law comprises of excellent litigation lawyers who are well versed in the intricacies of the sophisticated litigations faced by financial institutions. Our financial litigation lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with Financial Litigations, Regulatory Compliance, enforcement proceedings, and government Investigations. They will also be able to advise the client on risk management in order to reduce the financial and reputational liabilities.

Bin Hindi Law legal practice counts most of the major banks in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, as part of our esteemed clientele of financial institutions. This brings to forth the relationship that we maintain with all of them, the trust they bestow upon us due to the result-oriented approach and effectiveness of our financial litigation and regulation lawyers.

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What will we do?

Our team of excellent Financial Institutions Litigation & Regulation lawyers will help you, our client, in navigating the sophisticated and robust monetary, credit, and banking policies regulated by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia. Our team of skilled lawyers will systematically defend and bring forth claims that arise from the Complex Credit Facilities, Islamic Finance, Sanctions, Derivatives, Commodities, and foreign exchange transactions before the different dispute resolution centers. Our firm’s exceptionally high success rate in dispute resolution has been possible due to the decades-long experience of our litigation team.

Our Expertise

Our law firm has expertise in the following sectors:

  • Mortgage Agreements Enforcement against the following asset categories:
    • Real Estate Property
    • Movable Assets
    • Marine Vessels
    • Impose Travel bans on mortgagees fleeing the country to evade justice, in relation to mortgage enforcement.
  • File Bounced Cheque cases before both Civil and Criminal Courts.
  • Miscellaneous Banking Litigations

Our Expertise helps us provide the highest quality of services that will ensure our customers are satisfied when we represent them in both corporate and litigation related matters.

Our Financial Regulation Activities

Bin Hindi Law provides our clientele, comprising of the notable financial institutions in the Middle East, with legal advice that can be held at par with the best in the world. We cover all areas of corporate and regulatory issues across the Middle East. This has been possible due to our expertise and our extensive knowledge and awareness of the legal environment. The groundwork that we do and our networks will help ensure our legal advice and services are practical enough to serve our clientele’s strategic and commercial interests on a larger scale.  The reputation of Bin Hindi Law, both among our peers and clients, is enough proof that we provide the best quality service available.


Some of the services that we provide can be classified into broad categories as listed below:

  • Advice on Structuring, Negotiating and Documenting Finance Transactions.
  • Representation of local and international financial institutions in both Conventional and Islamic Banking transactions.
  • Advice on all forms of local laws and regulations pertaining to the financial sector.
  • Draft and Review of banking agreements and documents for enforcement throughout the GCC.
  • Advice on Debt Restructuring and Acquisition Finance, Asset Finance/Islamic Finance.

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