The kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its Vision 2030 is aspiring to bring foreign investors to invest in the Saudi economy and play a notable role in the development and growth of the local and regional companies using their expertise. The main hurdle that now lies ahead in order to attract foreign investors is that the Saudi business must make themselves marketable by displaying a standard level of competency and disclosure. For this, they would need a good law firm to help them to structure and help them compete both the local as well as the international markets.

Bin Hindi Law Firm has brought together a team of dedicated and highly experienced lawyers competent at Foreign Direct Investment. We provide a whole range of services to our international clients wishing to establish a new business or continue a business in Saudi Arabia. We also provide the local companies with the right expertise to make them appeal to foreign investors. In Addition, we also provide them with assistance and counsel on legal matters like Corporate, Tax & Zakat, Employment, IPR and other legal matters.


Our Role

Bin Hindi Law Firm with our lawyers are specialists in Foreign Investment Services and we provide them to International clients who are usually individuals, companies or corporates with plant owners or other businesses abroad who want to invest in Saudi Arabia. The attractive healthy investment environment in Saudi Arabia typically attracts these clients with the Kingdom providing numerous facilities and guarantees to encourage foreign investment and help them adapt to the Saudi economy.

We will provide assistance and counsel to our foreign investor clients to make informed strategy decisions. Our team of expert consultants will also work closely with them and keep them updated at all stages.

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Our Services

Bin Hindi Law Firm with our extensive knowledge and experience will provide the following services that are required to satisfy the Saudi Arabia nGeneral Investment Authority:


  • Retrieval of all foreign and Governmental Investment licenses
  • Investor Visa
  • Retrieval of commercial registers and plant licenses
  • Establishment of all types of companies and drafting contracts