Bin Hindi Law firm is the leading law firm in the Middle East with a prominent position at handling all types of services related to Government Regulations. Our team of highly experienced and well-qualified lawyers knows for a fact that all successful business strategies require compliance with regulation as the key factor.

Our Role

Bin Hindi Law Firm and its band of lawyers have been dealing with the growth of regulated business activities across the Middle East by offering an exhaustive range of services related to government regulations.

We maintain good working relationships with all the regulators of the region, which helped us stand out from our peers as we have been approached by these regulators to draft or amend certain laws. All of these factors have given us a better edge at providing better advice to our clients, especially private business owners, on the different aspects of the law, the legal interpretation and also the proper route to follow while securing compliance at both local and federal levels of regulators.

Bin Hindi has derived its set of regulatory experts, who are specialized in different practice areas that would include,

  • Hotels & Leisure
  • Commercial
  • Intellectual Property
  • TMT
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Merger & Acquisitions

Our diverse team consists of lawyers who are able to handle both Arabic and English at the highest level possible. Another reason behind Bin Hindi Law Firm success and excellent reputation in the region is our ability to provide our clients with compliance that can be achieved at both levels of regulatory bodies, local & federal.

Bin Hindi has always considered serving our clients as our most important tenet. This important characteristic has prompted us to conduct regulatory-specific workshops and client seminars to help our clients achieve compliance.

Our Legal Consultants are ready to help you with all kind of queries.

Our Expertise

We have created a portfolio of the following expertise over the years, spanning decades, at helping our clients navigate through the different government regulators of the region.

Regulatory Services

We provide the following regulatory services:

1.  Competition

2.  Charities and Foundations

3.  Customs

4.  Corporate and commercial regulatory advice

5.  Due diligence reporting

6.  Governance, Risk, and Compliance

7.  Environmental

8.  Legal registers and updates

9.  Health and safety

10.  Licensing and permit applications

11.  Legislation & policy

12.  Operational regulatory compliance;

13.  Procurement

14.  Regulatory investigations and crisis management

15.  Import/export controls

16.  Utility regulation

17.  Consumer protection, product conformity, and standards


Sectors Handled

Bin Hindi Law Firm with its broad experience at handling a wide range of clients from the following sectors.