Intellectual Property Law is a necessity for all companies to protect their business if they need to achieve success. The different multilateral treaties, in relation to Intellectual Property, signed between most of the countries globally has made the position of Intellectual Property lawyers as an essential part of the world of business. The different world treaties include the Berne Convention, the WIPO Copyright Treaty and the Patent Cooperation Treaty.

The Bin Hindi Law firm is the best there is in the IP field mainly because we believe in having a team of lawyers with advanced qualifications and industry experience in handling any Intellectual Property issue there is. We also provide our clients with the desired results in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The presence of an ever-increasing number of global retailers in Saudi Arabia has made us a crucial aspect for the success of enforcement and maintenance of business and individuals here.

Don’t Worry! We will help you fight your IP wars.

How can we help?

Bin Hindi Law firm with the help of our highly experienced IP lawyers will help you in all aspects of Intellectual Property issues, including Trademark Registration and Infringement.

Trademark Registration

The Trademark Registration process followed in Saudi Arabia is the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purpose of Registration of Marks under the Nice Agreement, which allocates more than 42 classifications for registering trademarks. Trademark registration will protect the owner’s rights as per Saudi Arabian law by giving the owner the right over the trademark to prevent or agree to a third party to use the trademark as per the owner’s terms and conditions. Furthermore, our global trademark agent affiliates allow us to register the trademarks beyond Saudi Arabia’s borders when necessary.

Our clients with the help of our expert team of Intellectual Property lawyers can register a trademark under any class in Saudi Arabia and they will help you all along the way. Our extensive experience in trademark registration will prevent any third party company from using or exploiting your successful trademark in any of its marketing campaigns. Hence, our efforts will be to solely protect you, the trademark’s real owner, and prevent any unauthorized use of your trademark by a third party.

Trademark Infringement 

Trademark Infringement is defined as the use of a registered trademark by a third party illegally. The illegal aspects would include distribution of the counterfeit goods or implementing the trademark in goods that do not fall under the trademark owner’s ownership. Trademark Infringement, being the most common violation present globally now, occurs regardlessly of whether the trademark is registered or not. It is considered to be both a civil as well as a criminal offense under Saudi Arabia law.

We will protect your trademark from infringement by providing the following services:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Trade License Searches
  • Trademark Searches
  • Cease & Desist Letters
  • Complaint Filing with the Saudi Arabian Customs
  • Criminal Complaint Filing for IP infringement with the Saudi Arabian Police
  • Civil Court Claim Filing for compensation and cancellation of an infringing mark
  • Claims Filing with the Consumer Protection Department and IP Department