Bin Hindi Law Firm is the prominent law firm in the Middle East region with respect to providing the most consistent and comprehensive advice on legal matters in the region. Our reputation has been built from our various significant and landmark work in the Labor Law sector in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. We provide services to a wide consortium of clients who include a number of multinationals corporations, government entities, local companies and even other law firms, including those within Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and also internationally.

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Our Role

Bin Hindi law firm with its highly qualified and experienced team of lawyers provide counsel to our clients and also help navigate them through the complex and ever-changing employment scenario in the region. We strive to advise and assist our clients so that the outcome is practical, commercially viable and cost-effective.

Our team of lawyers, with their extensive experience and knowledge, has been able to provide advice on all aspects of employment, including transactional work, daily employee relations and also employment litigation. We also ensure our lawyers are at the forefront and are abreast with all the changes in the labor law occurring in the region. We also make it a point that our clients are also informed of the same in clear and informal communication. We also consider that in the present competitive atmosphere, it is always good to maintain a positive reputation in employee treatment and employee relations.

Our Legal Consultants are ready to help you with all kind of queries.

Our Expertise

We have expertise that encompasses all the facets of the Labor Law in both the public and private sectors of the region, including onshore and freezones. We provide the following services:

  • Policies, Procedures & Contractual Documentation
    We assist our clients in preparing service agreements, employment contracts, secondment arrangements, and employee handbooks for all grades of employees, including the directors and senior executives.
  • Corporate Support
    We help our clients in handling all aspects of employment-related to acquisitions and disposals (both share and business transactions), including due diligence and related reports.
  • Business Reorganizations
    We also implement redundancy programmes, changing terms and conditions, and transfer of employment services.
  • Employee Relations Issues
    We also deal in disciplinary, dismissal and grievance procedures, settlement negotiations, and severance agreements.
  • Litigation Assistance
    We are specialized in providing assistance in legal matters and appear before the relevant labor authorities, labor courts, and other courts. We deal with termination and bonus claims, protecting trade secrets, confidential information, and business interests.