Bin Hindi Law Firm is the most sought after law firm within the Middle East region for our Litigation Practice services. Our team of professional and well-qualified litigation lawyers has a combined experienced spanning decades practicing litigation both within the Middle East region as well globally.

Our Role

Our team of highly experienced litigation lawyers will bring to the table an extensive breadth and depth in terms of legal expertise. They can appear and conduct proceedings before the local courts, including the DIFC courts. They can also practice the laws of all the jurisdictions where we operate. Our extensive knowledge and comprehension of all the laws, both local and regional, makes us stand out among our peers.

Our Expertise

Bin Hindi Lawyers are able to conduct all kinds of litigation present in the Middle East region, which would include Commercial, Employment, Banking, Transport, Insurance, Construction, IP, and Criminal Cases. We are well known for our Real Estate Litigation practice that represents most of the Middle East’s major developers. We are also capable of handling mortgage enforcement cases also.


We have quite a number of high profile clients right from banks and multinational corporations to government entities and international conglomerates. Our practice encompasses local and regional litigation, Arabic Litigation and also cases before the DIFC courts.

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Our Services

We provide the following services in Litigation and Dispute Settlement:

  • Advertising & Media Litigation
  • Domestic & International Arbitration Practice
  • Bankruptcy law, Corporate Insolvency, and Restructuring
  • Construction Litigation
  • Consumer Protection
  • Criminal Law Experts
  • Distressed Debts
  • Government Affairs
  • Insurance Litigation & Arbitration
  • Intellectual Property Litigation & Arbitration
  • Labor & Employment Litigation