Personal Status Law will help in guiding the procedure of wills, separation, and divorce, guardianship and inheritance for both Muslim and Non-Muslims. A Family and Personal Status lawyer have to deal with a varied range of personal status matters that include individual, family, and marital relationships.

Bin Hindi Law Firm provides complete representation in all family matters for all individuals, both Muslims and Non-Muslims, residing in Saudi Arabia. Our lawyers are trained to give their complete personal attention and utmost care to all our clients, keeping in mind that each case is unique in its own way.


Our most valuable tenet is the trust our clients have in our lawyers who deal with their personal status. We provide the best efforts to help secure the interests of our clients. We believe in the privacy of our clients and are serious about keeping all our client’s matters of personal nature strictly confidential.

Our Role

Bin Hindi Law firm provides the following services as part of its Family and Personal Status Law Package.

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Marital Separation & Divorce​

Marriages are interpreted depending on the religions of the spouses in a marriage, the place of their wedding and the circumstance responsible for the separation or divorce for each spouse. Saudi Arabia, being an Islamic country, follows the Shariah law with respect to marriage. However, the laws applicable to Shariah-compliant marriages are different from the laws applicable to non-Shariah compliant marriages. Even though Muslim marriages are governed under Shariah principles, a non-Muslim couple may opt for the court to apply the laws of their native country or the country where their marriage agreement was signed.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified Family & Personal Status lawyers is more than capable of handling the different applicable laws and procedures for both Muslim as well as non-Muslim separations and divorces. The different services we provide for Marital Separation and Divorce are:

  • Draft enforceable settlement agreement between parties, which will address all the admissible issues including child support, spousal rights, visitation, and custody.
  • File separation procedures with the personal status courts, which include requesting allowance and custodial rights before the issuance of a divorce order.
  • File divorce procedures and enforce the orders issued in Saudi Arabia.
  • Enforce divorce orders issued outside Saudi Arabia against the parties residing in Saudi Arabia.
  • File and Followup on Domestic Violence complaints in the criminal courts.

Wills & Inheritance

The inheritance laws of the Saudi Arabian courts are applicable to both citizens and expatriates of Saudi Arabia who have assets in the country. However, the laws that apply to non-Muslims do allow them to furnish wills that do not follow the Shariah principles. These wills may be used to specify wishes such as,

  • Appointment of a guardian for the children
  • Distribution of assets
  • Contributions to charitable causes
  • Funeral arrangements

The enforcement of these wills in the personal status courts require a great deal of experience as this might involve more than one government entity in order to finalize the transfer of the assets of the departed persons to their heirs.

Bin Hindi Law Firm will provide the following series when dealing with this regard,

  • Draft Enforceable Wills for both Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Open Succession File in court and transfer ownership of the departed person’s assets to the heirs.