Real Estate law has been evolving all the time ever since real estate became a mainstay in Saudi Arabia’s economy. The success of Saudi Arabia’s real estate laws has attracted both local and international investors to invest in many of its Real Estate projects helping Saudi Arabia standout in its infrastructure and in turn helping its economy also.

Bin Hindi Law firm has its team of specialist property lawyers who are well established in real estate law and excels in proposing solutions legally that can be deemed practical for Saudi Arabia’s commercial environment.

Why Bin Hindi?

Bin Hindi’s team of leading real estate legal consultants is composed of bilingual lawyers fluent in both Arabic and English. This makes us better placed at providing our clients with a better chance when dealing with all their real estate legal requirements.

We have built strong relationships with the related authorities and we continue to maintain these enduring relationships to offer our clients clear insights into the implications caused by their current requirements, together with the registration procedures and the regulations governing the purchased or existing premises.

We have all kinds of diversified clients ranging from both public and private developers, investors, financial institutions, landlords, and tenants to Government departments and bodies. We provide our clients with advice on all kinds of subjects related to legislative and regulatory issues.

Consult from the top lawfirm in Saudi

Our Services

The Bin Hindi Law firm provides the following premium services to all our clients,

  • Congrats & Agreements: Analyzing, drafting, reviewing and providing legal opinions on contracts and agreements concerning,
    • Agency
    • Land Investments
    • Acquisition & Development
    • Tenancies
    • Freehold
    • End User
    • Reservation
    • Sale & Purchase
    • Leasehold (Long & Short-Term)
  • Legislative and Regulatory Issues include the provision of current information regarding
    • Registration Procedures
    • Requirements and Regulations for purchased or existing premises including, conducting negotiations with registrars pertinent for such registration
  • Property Dispute Resolution that includes court litigation and arbitration for or against developers. Dispute resolution would include representation with land departments and court appearances in Saudi Arabia.
  • Consultation would include providing advice on land and property ownership-related issues within Saudi Arabia. These issues can involve,
    • Freehold Transactions
    • Commonhold Schemes
    • Mixed-Use Schemes
    • Long-Term Leasing
    • Land Development Schemes
    • Short-Term Tenancies
    • Musataha
    • Legislative & Regulatory Issues