Bin Hindi Law Firm has a dedicated team of lawyers who are well versed in the Restructuring of Companies. We have one of the prominent team of experts who are sought after in the whole of the Middle East for our full-service package.

Our Role

We offer services like providing advice to corporates on the restructuring of companies and their related projects. We are also specialized in the design and implementation of corporate structures. This includes the designing of the structure, however, complicated it might be in the best legally compliant way possible, keeping their business goal in mind. We will then assist them in implementing this design despite the complexities and the challenges the design will pose.

Our team of specialized lawyers is known for their extensive knowledge of the applicable and related laws in all the jurisdictions. They are also well aware of the regulatory practices in the whole region that they had acquired through their constant working relationships with the different regulatory authorities and the ministries of the entire Middle East.

Bin Hindi Law Firm’s talented team of company restructuring lawyers have also worked with corporates who required cross border restructuring of their companies and their reorganization. This was possible from the economic and financial changes that occurred in the last couple of decades in the Middle East region.

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Our Expertise

Our team of Company Restructuring lawyers has the following expertise:

  • Company Formation: that include establishing branches and representative offices for international companies, limited liability companies, and free zone entities.
  • Group Reorganization: that includes the restructuring and deregistration of existing entities. This is done to attain maximum efficiency in both management and operations.
  • Advice on Restructuring or Transactional Structuring: that include private placement, acquisition etc. These structures will comprise those entities with a cross-border element and also their implementation.
  • Advice on Optimal Corporate Structure: that includes the conduct of commercial activities at all stages.
  • Draft, Review, and Advice on matters like nominees, shareholder agreements and any other related documents that might be required.
  • Advice on Corporate Laws and Regulations: that would include regulatory strategies and compliance.
  • Regulatory Advice to Government Entities: related to establishing free zones. This will include providing the service of drafting and implementing regulations to create a legislative framework that will allow the setting up and regulation of corporate entities in these free zones.
  • Advice on Foreign Direct Investment: to Government Authorities on setting up a regulatory framework to attract such investments.
  • Advice on Corporate Matters: that will include government tendering. This is typically done for a specific and ideal corporate structure that can help carry out all the obligations instructed in the tender.
  • Execute Corporate Regulation: with due diligence to provide advice and ensure corporate compliance in the context of acquisition sales and general house cleaning and documents.
  • Providing Corporate Services: to foreign and offshore companies that include the provision of registered addresses.