Bin Hindi Law Firm has the Technology, Media and Entertainment legal practice that spans across a myriad of legal disciplines. Our highly experienced team of lawyers will provide legal assistance in every aspect of technology, media, and entertainment in the Middle East region.


Bin Hindi Law Firm, being the prominent law firm in this field in the region, knows the unique position that the Middle East holds over the rest of the world in terms of growth. We have followed the progress of both minor and major technology players who seek to modernize and adopt state-of-the-art solutions to ride the global wave to innovation, utilization, digital transformation, and technological advancement.

We have anticipated and understood the different legal needs that technology companies would need in this ever-growing technology playground, i.e., the Middle East region. The prominent issues that technology face across the globe are,

  • Need for Better Infrastructure
  • Appetite for knowledge-based economies
  • Focus on efficient use of Public funds

Bin Hindi law firm will ensure all these addresses of our clients are met as we know and acknowledge that Technology and the companies involved see the Middle East’s great potential. We also provide local and regional assistance to steer the different regulatory bodies in the region.

Our Legal Consultants are ready to help you with all kind of queries.

Media & Entertainment

The Middle East with its relatively younger demographic does provide a source for increased incomes and access to content. Furthermore, the desire for local content, alternate content delivery, and growth of the film production industry has increased to a great level that even international media and entertainment players are ready to invest in this growing market in the Middle East.

However, all these companies, originally based internationally, might need help in tackling some broad considerations like,

  • Local Sensitivities
  • Regional Specific considerations
  • Related Regulations et al

All these can literally be a minefield for global players and might even discourage them from entering the market. This is where Bin Hindi Law firm and its specialized team of lawyers who will guide them through the obstacles smoothly. Our team of lawyers will closely monitor the industry with the help of our very many media professional clients. This, in turn, will help us protect the business and professional interests of our clients and other professionals involved in the media & entertainment sector.

We also provide essential groundwork that might be necessary for handling legal issues affecting this sector. We utilize the latest sophisticated software applications and infrastructure to work out and maintain the Intellectual Property portfolio for each of our clients. Some of the areas that we provide services are:

  • Copyright Law
  • Digital Rights
  • Entertainment Law
  • Film Production & Publishing
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Media contracts
  • Cyber Law, also pertaining to media and entertainment
  • Media Contracts
  • Media Disputes
  • Music Copyright
  • Publish Agreements
  • Perform Rights